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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I register?

A: Click the following link to view the Sports Connect support page regarding registering for an upcoming program/event. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Club Online Registration (

2. How often do teams practice and how long do they last?

A: During our Fall and Spring seasons, teams practice 1 - 2x a week with each practice lasting anywhere from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. These days are determined by which team you are on. During our Indoor Winter season, teams practice just once a week for 60 minutes.


3. What fields will we have practices and games at?

A: Players who register with us will have the choice of currently four regions in Loudoun County: Sterling, Ashburn/Brambleton, Leesburg, or Aldie/South Riding. Inside these regions we have practice fields. These change from season to season but you can find our general list on our field location page. Families will choose the region they would like to have their practices at. Games can be at any of the fields.


4. When are games?

A: Games are played primarily on Saturdays with make-ups being held on Sundays or during the week. Playoffs are played on the final Friday and Saturday of the season with league semi-final games and Super Bowls on Sundays. You can find our season schedule page here.


5. Are jerseys included in the registration fee?

A: Yes, they are. Your registration includes your reversible NFL FLAG jersey and your flag belt. The only items you will need to purchase, if you do not have them, are mouth guards and shorts with no pockets. Cleats are encouraged but not required. 

NFL FLAG operates two shops specifically for families and athletes in NFL FLAG leagues. You can get 15% off your order by using the code "Loudoun15".

NFL FLAG On Field Merchandise: Shorts, Gloves, Socks, Armsleeves, headbands, and more! Everything for your athlete to look their best out on the field. 

NFL FLAG Fan Shop: Hoodies, Shirts, Polos, footballs, hats, etc. You can purchase team specific gear to support your athlete each season!

6. What age groups/divisions do you offer? Division policies.

A: Loudoun NFL FLAG's divisions are based on the grade the player will be in during the season. Players must sign-up for the division of their grade level. We offer teams in the following divisions:

COED Divisions

Preschool/Kindergarten/1st Grade = PK1 Division

2nd and 3rd Grade = 2/3 Division

4th and 5th Grade = 4/5 Division

6th, 7th, and 8th Grade = MS Division

9th and 10th Grade = HS Division 

11th and 12th Grade = HS Division

Females in Flag Divisions

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graders = F-1/2/3

4th and 5th Graders = F-4/5

Middle School = F-MS

Playing Up or Playing Down

Families may request for their athlete to play up a division if they believe their athlete is capable of handling the competition. The league reserves the right to approve and deny this request.

Athletes may not play down a division.

7. Can we make requests to be with a specific coach or player?

A: While we LOVE to hear that our coaches are doing such a great job and parents want to be with them again, we sadly cannot honor requests to be with specific coaches. Our goal is to start each season with fair and balanced teams that grow throughout the course of the season and this is done through our player assessments and team formation. Preformed teams are not permitted. 

A: The League understands that young athletes want to play with their friends or that parents want to help each other out by carpooling children to events. The league does not guarantee that any request will be honored.  Requests of more than two players will not be honored and players who are unassessed, and have not participated in the league recently, will not have their requests honored. The chief concern is the creation of fair and balanced teams for the benefit of all.

8. What are the player assessments?

A: Prior to the start of every season, the league will host their player assessments. At these events the athletes will run through a series of drills while the coaches and league personnel assess them on their abilities. These assessments help the coaches and league create fair and balanced teams ensure a more enjoyable experience for everyone. These are not tryouts. Everyone that signs up, regardless of experience or skill, will make it onto a team.

A: Our Preschool/Kindergarten/1st Grade (PK1) and our High School (HS) divisions do not attend assessments.

9. What happens if I cannot attend the player assessments?

A: If your athlete played in our league recently, we will use their most recent assessment numbers along with other information/knowledge.

A: If your athlete is new to the league they will be randomly placed on a team at the end of the draft to ensure fairness. Requests by players who are unassessed cannot be honored.

10. What is your refund policy?

A: If you cancel your athlete's registration prior to our draft week, you will be issued a refund minus the cost of the transaction fees the league paid.

A: Starting the Monday of our Draft Week, families that cancel their registration with a doctor's note prior to our 2nd weekend of games will receive a refund for the cost of your child's registration minus the cost of the equipment ordered for your athlete as well as the transaction fees paid by the league. No refunds will be issued after our 2nd weekend of games. 

A: Summer Camps - If registration is cancelled prior to the weekend before the start of a camp, then a refund will be processed minus the cost of the transaction fees paid by the league. Should NVA Sports have to cancel a majority of camp days due to inclement weather, families will receive a portion of their registration fee back in the form of a discount code for future events.

11. Do you have a Travel Program?

A: Yes! They are the Loudoun Legends. Email Commissioner Michael if you are interested in getting information concerning our teams.

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