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Spectator Code of Conduct

Positive sportsmanship is of the utmost importance to NFL FLAG and is expected from everyone, be they player or coach on the field or a parent on the sidelines. Parents and spectators are a huge part of the game day experience for our athletes, not only because they bring the athletes to the events but because of the positive atmosphere their cheering and praise can create.

Any behavior from a spectator or parent that takes away from the positive experience for the players and in its way creates a negative experience is not permitted. Parents, just like coaches, need to recognize the importance of their position as role models and honor our Parent's Code of Conduct. 

· I will place the emotional and physical well-being of all players ahead of my personal desire to win.

· I recognize that this is a recreational youth sports league that preaches the importance of having fun and developing a love of this great game.

· I recognize that the coaches are volunteers and I will treat them with the same level of respect I would like to receive from them.

· If I do have a concern with a coach, I will follow the appropriate steps to have these concerns addressed:

· I will schedule a time to talk with my athlete's coaching staff to share my concerns
· Interrupting a team event to address the coach is not acceptable

· I will share my concerns with league staff at the field or at a scheduled time

· I will respect the referees, coaches, players, and other spectators at all times.

· I will use appropriate language in all my interactions. Foul language is not permitted.

Please recognize that teams may be penalized due to the behavior of their spectators and that the league does have the ability to remove spectators from the field if needed. 

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