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1. Coaches will need to pass a background check prior to the start of the season. The Commissioner will contact coaches concerning this prior to the start of practices.

2. In order for players to improve, have fun, and return to the sport, they must be on the field in practices and in games. It is on the coaches to have a strategy that ensures each player on their team is going into the game and coming out of the game frequently. It is expected that coaches are getting players roughly 50% playing time.

3. Teams must hold a minimum of one practice per week (unless weather forces cancellations).

4. Fun and Winning: The obsession with winning is driving young athletes away from sports. Athletes need to have fun and learn the game at the same time. There is a healthy balance between the two.

5. Coaches need to be on time to league events and should never leave a participant at the field alone. A coach should also never be alone with one of their players. Ask another parent or another coach to stay with you and the athlete until their ride arrives.

6. Coaches will communicate with the parents frequently regarding schedule changes, issues that may arise, etc.

It is extremely important that we, as coaches, remember that a successful youth coach is defined by how many of their players decide to return to play again next season. 

Coach of the Year Winners

Spring 2024 - Stephen Leach of the South Riding PK1 Dolphins & 2/3 Giants

Fall 2023 - Samantha Lowry of the 4th/5th Grade S. Riding Bengals

Spring 2023 - Ed McPike of the Middle School Ashburn Commanders

Fall 2022 - Carter Gill of the Middle School Sterling Titans

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