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Referee Positions Available

We are always looking for and hiring referees. We accept adults and high schoolers who love the sport of football and are interested in making money as a referee. Training is provided and this is a paid (per game) position in our league. If you’re interested in becoming a league referee please complete the Referee Application and wait for the Commissioner to reach out to you. 

NFL Flag Officiation Course: COMING SOON

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The Referee's Responsibilities

  1. Be familiar with rule modifications and their implementation.
  2. On the youth level, referees should be aware that some participants are new to the game and that this may be their first experience in organized sports.
  3. A referee can act as a teacher by explaining a rule or call that is made.
  4. Make calls consistent with the level of play.
  5. Insist that the playing field and equipment are safe for the children.
  6. Promote good sportsmanship through respectful behavior to both coaches and teams. 

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